About the Coffee Addict

Hello there!

My name is Stacey. I’m a former professional student who spent many years in grad school studying French linguistics, French literature, how to better teach French, French culture, and so many other topics related to the previously mentioned one. My studies in French led me to France to teach English for a year and soak in as much of the French culture and language as I could while I was there.Some of my posts reflect my experiences and reflections on those 11 months spent among the French. I still miss it, of course! Long story short though, during my time there, my now husband and I began talking and he came over to visit, and the rest is history. You can get the scoop on that amazing story here. Life has thus changed from the life of a grad student to the life of a wife and French tutor and substitute teacher getting used to my new life in Middle Tennessee.

As the title of this blog suggests, I find the following statement to be true based on much experience and experiment:

Coffee. is. amazing.

Though, I should probably add in one word to that statement:

Good. Coffee. is. amazing.

Not all coffee is created equal, my friends. I’ve had some concoctions which were called coffee which I can fully testify were nothing more than brown water. Other cups don’t have the strength to say “howdy” much less pretend to be coffee. As you can imagine, I enjoy a fine cup of good quality coffee where I can find or make one. Despite the impression I give, I do not drink coffee every hour of the day, but it is something I enjoy. I’ve even cut back on coffee from the amount I used to drink.

The point is not so much the coffee though, but what is often going on surrounding cups of coffee. I can think of so many sweet moments in life which have involved conversations over a cup of coffee. I also just love the café atmosphere with the smell of coffee in the air, the sounds of the machines grinding coffee beans, the fun music in the background, and the groups of people sitting around chatting and laughing while enjoying coffee and cake. I want to somewhat recreate that experience here on this blog. I can’t obviously make you a cup of coffee, but I want my posts to be similar to chatting with a friend over a cup of coffee. I wish to bring warmth and light to a dark world.

Blogging in my opinion is a great way to find perspective and express thoughts, feelings, and humor about life experiences. My purpose is to hopefully share some of the adventures of life, but to always have a point to what I’m saying. I serve a great God, the King of all kings, and it is my desire to always magnify and reflect Him in all that I say and do. Serving and glorifying Him with my life is the true quest of this coffee addict.

I salute you with a nice overflowing cup of coffee and look forward to discussing life’s adventures with you!

The Coffee Addict


2 responses to “About the Coffee Addict

  1. I. Hate. Coffee. But I do like the look of what you’re chatting about! I’m not quite the bilingual sensation you are, I’m taking my level one in continuing education but I love the language and can totally understand wanting to pursue something like that. I also understand the life of a graduate student, having just graduated last December from my M.Ed. I also LOVE travelling and you are so right, who gets the opportunity to just say goodbye to life for weeks at a time. Education is great!
    Oh….and Texas is amazing. I was just there at the end of May, fell in love. Can’t wait to go back 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the kind comment. It’s okay if you don’t care for coffee really. Some of my closest friends and family won’t touch it. The poor dears! I find that there are so many adventures to share and find blogging to often be a good break from the stress of graduate school. So glad you’re reading my blog! 🙂

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