Storms in the Mountains

Today I saw the rain come. It began as dark distant clouds that little by little crept up and enveloped the mountains. The lightning began followed by the deep roll of thunder. The rain poured and the mountains were no longer visible. If I looked intently, I could just barely make out the outline of one of the mountains. Otherwise, there was nothing but the white of the cloud and the sound of the rain as it began to fall heavier than before. We kept our window open in the office and remarked how the Bastille which one can usually see on the mountain was also no longer visible. Little by little the clouds dissipated and the outline of the mountains became yet again visible though it still rained. Days like these in the mountains remind me of how majestic and yet how unpredictable these mountains can be. I thought rain shafts only existed back home in Texas, but I have seen them dancing on the mountains these last couple of rainy days.

I’m often asked why I chose to come back to Grenoble. I usually respond with how much I love the Alps and the region. Those who have always lived here seem a little surprised that I would have chosen to come back. I suppose, if you’ve always been in an area, you aren’t as likely to notice anymore what makes it unique because it’s always around you. I’m as guilty of that in my own hometown back in the States. But, oh, these mountains! How often I just sit at my window gazing at them trying to take in all the beauty I can that I might recall them to memory for years to come.


The view from the rooftop of the quiet between the storms.


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