My Latest Adventure…an announcement

I had debated mimicking some of those cute announcements one sees on FB and Instagram. Maybe it would have involved a selfie with my holding an Eiffel Tower in my hand with a giant smile and a thumbs up, but my brain’s a little too fried to function too creatively lately.

In the words of Bilbo:

I’m going on an [another] adventure!” as he dashed out the door holding onto his contract.

In my case, there will be a contract involved with probably something mentioning not being responsible for if I find myself in a state of no longer being among the living though my job title will be quite different. I don’t see it quite living up to the par of looking for treasure in a Misty Mountain despite the fact that mountains are involved. I’m also envisioning casually sauntering up to the plane to take me to these new adventures versus a mad dash, but we shall see how it goes with flight connections being as they are.

All this to say that I’m going back to France!

Lord willing, I’ll be back in Grenoble actually where I studied before about six years ago. I did go back to visit briefly about three years ago, so my host family is probably starting to think of me as the American who keeps showing back up again every three years or so. I’ll be there teaching English and taking classes which is a bit of a swap from the last time I was there. This will definitely be a new and interesting challenge, but I’m looking forward to it.

Naturally, there are A LOT of complicated logistics involved as I will be away for approximately a year. Now that I have more responsibilities and well, stuff than I used to have, it’s harder to just up and go to France without having to make several arrangements and decisions that need to be thought through carefully.

I’m asking for prayer for

  • God to help me work out the complicated logistics.
  • That all of the paperwork with the French government will go smoothly. I shudder to think of having to go through the whole visa process again. It’s a mess, I tell you!
  • That I’ll be able to get through all of the preparations with as little stress as possible.
  • That I’ll be safe and have a wonderful, productive, and beneficial time while there.

I’ve been so busy, the whole excitement hasn’t really sunk in yet. That’s mostly due to having too much on my plate this semester to really be able to think about it. Yet, as I start checking things off the list to finish the semester mainly making it through MA exams and a thesis defense, I’m sure the excitement will definitely start to set in. Oh, yes, especially as I start thinking of crêpes and baguettes and speaking French 24/7….*sigh* Okay, nevermind, I’m starting to get excited now! 😀

This whole adventure is scheduled to begin sometime around the end of August. More details to follow!

January and February 2009 034Can’t wait to feast my eyes on those mountains again!


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