A Quiet Rainy Evening

I heard a distant rumble of thunder and then saw on the radar that a small storm was heading our way. As the rain began to fall, I turned off all of the lights, opened the shades a little, and watched it begin to rain as I sat on the floor leaning against the couch.

Rain has such a calming effect.

rain wikimedia

Image borrowed from wikimedia

I have a special love for rain. I lived in Texas for most of my life, and rain was often quite rare. Entire towns would call for the residents to pray for rain hoping to save the crops and heal the land. It didn’t offend anyone because we all knew how important rain was, and we trusted that the Lord could send it. What rejoicing we all felt as we saw and felt the rain fall after a long drought. It doesn’t matter that I now live in an area where it rains often and usually plentifully, I still rejoice and thank the Lord for it.

This evening as I sat and watched it falling softly, I reflected over what a summer it had been and thought some about this new semester that has just started.

I don’t understand or have an answer for the strange malady I faced over the last two months or so. Thankfully, it has improved so much that it’s almost not even noticeable anymore. Although the doctors have a couple of ideas of what may have happened, they have no concrete answers. This bothered me for a while since I would like to know why and what happened. However, I recently heard a preacher in mentioning a health situation he’d been through make a reference to Job and how he didn’t know why his trials happened. Although at first Job acknowledged that the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, he still wished to know why. When God spoke to Job, he realized in the end that God knew better than Job did the reason and that ultimately, all one goes through is meant to bring glory to His name. Indeed, my trials are nothing to be compared with Job’s, but the lesson still applies. There will be things that happen in life that we simply will never have an answer as to why. We just have to trust Him.

As I sat watching the rain and enjoying the calm pattering on the window, I truly felt like it was okay that I didn’t know why and probably never would know. I was thankful that the worst was over, that it wasn’t any worse than it was, and that I seem to be almost recovered. God had a purpose in it all. Just as my doctors, I can give a few ideas as to the purpose, but ultimately, God is the One with the answers. He is the one who gets the glory.

Another semester has begun and as I now am faced with a new set of deadlines and to-do lists, I can rest in having a clearer understanding of Who is watching over me and giving me my needed strength for each day. I don’t believe I would value that strength nearly as much as I do now if it hadn’t been taken from me for a time.

Thank you, Lord, for the rain, the calm, and the reassurance of who You are.


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