Just think of all of the feelings and emotions associated with that word.

When things go wrong and we’re terribly lonesome, what do we long for most? Home. While we know it’s not perfect, it’s the place where loved ones are and where one feels at peace. It’s like in the game of tag when you run to home base to be safe and catch your breath before continuing the game. At least, that’s how we played it.

The location and the building are neither of consequence. For, that is not a home that is a house and a place.

"Mother and Daughter" By William Sergeant Kendall

“Mother and Daughter”
By William Sergeant Kendall

No, home is a feeling, it is where dear people are, where love is, where laughter is, where the solace is when sorrow and trials come. At home there is always someone who will hold you when life has gotten tough. There is always someone there who will cheer for you when you’ve triumphed after hard work. There is someone to give you the nudge and encouragement you need when you feel discouraged and down. Home is around the table with smiles and happy aromas. Home is warmth and solitude on a cold winter evening. Home is safety and togetherness. Home is unity. Very often home is with family, but it doesn’t have to be. One can feel at home thousands of miles away from home.

Home is sweet and home is dear. Home gives us a glimpse of an even better Home above. This is why it’s okay to long for home both here on earth and in heaven. It’s okay to long for home maybe even cry a little and yet, feel like you are where you’re supposed to be. It means that you have been blessed and are still being blessed. God made home for a reason. He made it as a refuge, and He smiles upon it.

"Going Home"  By Joe Cartwright

“Going Home”
By Joe Cartwright


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