A Valentine Hug

It was about 8:40 a.m. as I was sitting at a red light on my way to teach class this morning when the radio announcer started talking about it being Valentine’s Day. I had an “Oh, yeah” moment as I was sipping my coffee waiting for the light to turn. I had only been thinking of the 14th really as a sort of D-Day for presentations and such that were due. My class was a little disappointed that I didn’t bring them chalk hearts either. So, I drew a heart in chalk on the board and told them how to say it in French. That really didn’t seem to help their desire for sugar.

It was such an insane day of writing and just trying to survive that it really didn’t bother me as much as it might have. It’s true as it’s always been so far in my life, I don’t have someone from whom I’d expect anything on a day like today. Even if I did have someone, maybe I would prefer he didn’t go all out on a day like this. It just seems too fake and forced in some ways. I would hate a guy to feel like he would have to get me something just because popular opinion says he should on a certain day in February, but maybe that’s just me.

I had just gotten home tonight from class and was trying to find something to eat when there was a familiar knock on my door. It was Grandpa Dalton (my neighbor) who frequently stops by to check on me or just to say hi. He also frequently brings me flowers that he gets from someone that he figures I’d enjoy more than he does.

I opened the door and he chuckled in his grandpa sort of way and reached out an arm for a hug. “Well, hi, Stacey! I just wanted to come give my Valentine Girl a hug! You doin’ okay?” I laughed and gave him a hug. I told him that I really hadn’t thought much about it being Valentine’s day and that it was sweet for him to come out in the cold to give me a hug. He laughed and said that he just couldn’t let the day go by without giving me a hug and told me he loved me.

He didn’t stay long due to the cold east wind that was blowing through the apartment complex, but he hugged me one more time and walked on leaning on his cane while chuckling and telling me to get some rest.

I closed the door and just smiled. I’d say that hug beat any stuffed bear or box of chocolates (which I’m allergic to anyway). I don’t think Valentine’s Day should only be a day focused on not having someone but instead showing someone else you care. Maybe that sounds cliché, but I definitely feel loved tonight.


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