Cooking, Job Searching, Living…

It’s been a crazy few weeks! Here’s just some commentary of the daily adventures of a grad student in need of more sleep and you guessed it, more coffee!


You’d be proud of me, I attempted and succeeded in making a popular aspect of French cuisine last week. I shall be attempting it again tomorrow. Yes, those glorious crêpes in France inspired me!

I do have to comment though that crêpe making takes some amount of talent or rather a trial by error.  Do not be deceived! Crêpe making is not as simple as your average American pancake. It’s more delicate….more French. Some of the crêpes looked like strange crabs, but oh, they were good! By the end, the stove top was a mess and there were drops of batter and melted butter all over, however, I was happy with the result. The kids at the culture day I was making them for seemed happy with them too based on how quick it all disappeared. So, I’m attempting them again hopefully tomorrow.

Job Searching:

These two words together are becoming synonymous with a headache. I have a wonderful professor who is trying to help me in this endeavor by suggesting people to contact or websites to consult. So far, nothing. Sure, I’ve sent my credentials to a couple of people with little to no results so far. It’s only the end of October, so I’m still hopeful. Anybody need a French instructor for next fall?


Yes, I’m getting through all of this. My thesis is coming along. Okay, yes, I only have two pages (almost 3!), but I had to get help from another wonderful professor to move past the mental block that was causing me some issues with knowing what to write.

However, more than just surviving school, I’m trying to look beyond the endless reading and writing. I’m learning how to make myself take breaks rather than depending on someone else to tell me when to put the books down. The other night I seriously just sat and did very little and didn’t force myself to delve into Rousseau. I almost feel guilty for taking an evening to just watch a movie or go to bed early, but I’m always glad later that I did. Believe it or not, things still get done…on time!

For now, my goal is to make cookie batter and get three more pages done on the thesis…hopefully. The weather is turning colder too which is the perfect excuse for cinnamon and coffee! Happy days!


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