To My Little Brother

I am blessed to have quite a few brothers, four to be exact. Three of them are older. However, this post is dedicated to the one who is younger than I.

As I was only three at the time, I can’t say that I remember specifically the day he was born. Yet, many of my childhood memories include him in them whether we were playing, arguing, getting into trouble, or playing those crazy imagination games we were so fond of as children.

I can’t say that I was always close to him. We really didn’t get close until we were the last two of the kids in my family still living at home. When we started homeschooling again, he was the main one I talked to most days. We used to drive mom crazy with all of the movies we’d quote endlessly, and we’d reenact different scenes we found hilarious. I also fondly remember those many times we sat on the front porch swing with popsicles in our hands just sittin’ and chattin’. We still do so from time to time when we’re home just for old time’s sake or just because.

We pretty much got to where we could nearly read each other’s thoughts, and we seemed to be able to always find a reason to laugh. That doesn’t mean we never argued. Oh, we did plenty of that as mom can attest!  However, what I always have found kind of funny about it is that we would go into our rooms just piping mad at each other after an argument, but within about 20 minutes, little brother would come into my room wanting to play again or just chat like everything was okay. It was hard to stay mad at him.

We’ve both grown up and moved away from home though not too far away, but we’ve still been able to stay close since we go to the same university. I count on him to pull me away from my books and make me have some fun and relax. I have a tendency to just work and work without stopping to just take a break. He has a knack for just making me laugh and laugh and vice versa. He’s one of my closest friends! Though him growing nearly a foot taller than me was hard to forgive for a while. 🙂

There is something really special that I share with my little brother though. It is something that I hold dearer to my heart than anything else. It is that the two of us were both baptized on the same day. We both made the most important step in each other’s lives and began our walk with the Lord at the same time. Sharing that bond as brother and sister in Christ is the most precious part of my relationship with my little brother. He’s someone I feel that I can in many ways look up to in this area. He’s so good to study things in the Bible that he doesn’t understand and often shares what he’s found in some of our discussions.

There is something else that I also share with my little brother. That of having celebrated turning 20 while studying in France. Today is my little brother’s birthday. Well, it’s already his birthday in France anyway. I’m obviously unable to celebrate with him on his special day, but I’m thinking of him. I’m so happy for him to be in France learning so much and having adventures. I remember how special both of my times in France were, and I’m so excited and yes, a little fearful for him too. I’m still big sister, you know! Yes, I gave him oodles and oodles of advice before he left though all the while knowing that many things he will have to discover for himself.

So, today, I’d like to wish my dear little bruva Jesse a very happy and blessed birthday. Go eat a crêpe and a pain au chocolat while gazing at the beauty of France! God bless you, dear little brother!


2 responses to “To My Little Brother

  1. I almost started crying when I read this. I miss you so much! I did have my usual pain au chocolat at breakfast, but I didn’t get around to having a crêpe. However, I did have a piece of une tarte tropezienne, which is a specialty of St. Tropez, where we visited today. Love you to the moon and back!


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