On an Adventure

I really do apologize for my relative silence lately. I’ve been having an adventure!

Part of this adventure is that I have little internet unless I jump on a bus for 20 minutes to the university where I have around 2 hours to get caught up. So, uploading pictures might not happen while I’m still here depending on how willing to fix the WiFi the French at the hostel are. My laptop died the night before I left, so even if it does start working again, I’d be depedant on someone else to use a computer. We’ll see how it goes.

It’s okay though. I have more of an excuse to get out and explore the old, old town of Reims and have plenty of opportunity to observe the French. Actually got caught in a downpour this morning in the midst of my roaming. Good thing I bought a coat and scarf!

Ah, the French….. It sometimes feels like an acquired talent learning how to communicate properly with them some days. Not just the language but they seem to like to test your ability to bark back. I’ve met some really nice people too though.

I have learned again that one is not to make eye contact or smile at people without being thought to be making an open invitation. It’s a bit of an adjustment I’m having to go through again since I love smiling at people. I’ve thus found that walking confidently down the street with an almost grumpy look on your face seems to make people think you belong. Amusing indeed!

As my time is running out and I’m seriously craving an espresso, I shall end this short post and continue my adventure! Can’t wait to start sharing some of my reflections on the French culture and society!!


One response to “On an Adventure

  1. Great to know you are in Reims, the city with the most beautiful cathedral!
    Check these: 😉

    I lived there and I love it!

    If you wish to meet young people in the city, check this:
    http://aumonerieetudiantereims.unblog.fr/ you can also find their group on Facebook with their regular events.

    And there is also another Facebook group of people who meet regularly for playing sports, meeting in a park, or whatever! you can search for évênements festifs-amicaux à Reims

    Enjoy Reims!

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