Praying and Preparing

The worst part of taking a trip:


ARG! Can you hear the pirate in me?

I absolutely love, love, love traveling! I love discovering new places, people, language, sites, you name it… but, I do so despise packing.

It’s getting down to the wire and I’m still sitting here staring at the suitcase and not sure where to start. Yes, I realize I have less than 48 hours to get all this together. I’m really not a last minute person, or at least I didn’t used to be before grad school. 🙂

I’m not at all making light of this opportunity because it really is something special. I know there are those who travel abroad quite frequently, but this is something quite big for me. I still smile and reflect on my past experience in France 3 years ago. I don’t mean to ever gloat or think more highly of myself because of these opportunities. It makes me feel sick to even think of putting off that image.

I do love France despite its many problems. Yes, the French can be rude, but I have dealt with plenty of Americans who were just as rude. My hope and prayer for France is that she will realize her need for the Lord after centuries of denying the existence or need of God in both her government and her culture.

So, what am I doing over there specifically this time around? Well, I like to call it “glorified babysitting” but I essentially have the honor of being a graduate student chaperone for a study abroad group in Reims, France, for about 4.5 weeks. This should be interesting indeed!

Excited? Yes!

I’ve met most of the students going and have confidence that things will go well. I’ll have time to work on my thesis and soak in the culture while I’m there and get some much needed rest…hopefully.

It’s really started to sink in as I’ve started saying my farewells and hugging my friends and family.

I found my word search book and borrowed The Hobbit from Jesse to keep me occupied during my long day of traveling on Tuesday. I also made a long list of “things to do” before I go, and still I’m sitting here really wanting to crawl into bed and leave the huge task for tomorrow. I’m not so much procrastinating, it’s more like butterflies.

God has been so good to me, and I really feel unworthy of this wonderful gift He has given me in learning another language as well as this chance to go to France again. What an opportunity! I just desire to use it all to His glory.

I would, however, beg an interest in your prayers. A trip abroad can be full of adventure and discovery, but it can also be potentially dangerous. I know the Lord will protect me.

Here’s praying for a safe and happy  trip and let’s hope I get my act together and throw this suitcase together!

More stories and pictures are soon to follow! 


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