Breathing Again…

*Inhale*….*exhale* ah…

Life can now continue. It’s amazing how you don’t quite realize how much you’ve been holding your breath until you start breathing again. Pretty much that’s how it felt the last 10 days or so of frantic writing trying to spit out 40 pages worth of final papers written in French. ugh!

I’m not a last minute person!

I am just not fond of that kind of an adrenaline rush/stress attack. It was just the way the end of the semester went with getting feedback on final paper proposals, presenting a paper at a conference, finishing up final assignments and projects, and then just trying to write all crammed into a small amount of time. Let’s just say the coffee consumption increased exponentially. 🙂

As I submitted my remaining final paper Saturday afternoon, I let out a large sigh of relief and thanked God for helping me get through it. Then, I promptly crashed…

When I woke up again, I realized that other than for tying up a couple of loose ends, I was finished with my first year of graduate school! I reflected over the last year and all the expectations I’d had, the struggles, the disappointments (that one particular writing experience still haunts me), and so much growth and so much grace. I still have so much more to learn too.

I’ve been just relaxing and breathing the past couple of days. It’s been so nice to wake up and not have a whole list of books and papers to write on my mind. The only main thing right now is just trying to fix the damage from my paper writing hermitage which resulted in a bit of a wreck of an apartment.

As to the ever present question of where I’m going after I finish the Master’s in a year…

I guess that question is yet to be answered, but I’m cautiously optimistic about the future.

I guess it’s like we learned in reading Volkswagen Blues in my QuĂ©bec literature class, a large part of life is the journey. In the book the destination for the main character ended up being a disappointing one. However, I know the joy and expectation of my destination even if I don’t quite know what lies between me and getting there.

Here’s to breathing again!


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