A Blog Revival

Came home today from yet another meeting with a prof on the lines of a final paper topic. I was thinking I would just “rest my eyes” for a few minutes before trying to add the finishing touches to another paper I’ve been working on…

Yep, I woke up about 2 hours later with the dry contacts and the foggy sleepy brain effects of an unplanned long nap.

I hate naps! Always have!

They were the bane of my existence when I was under the age of 7. My mom used to even threaten a nap as a punishment from time to time because she knew how much I hated them as well as she probably figured some sleep might help my attitude in addition to the spanking.

The unhappy little Stacey. Though if I remember correctly, I was mad about the dress not the idea of a nap at the time.

But, grad school and university studies in general take a lot out of anyone especially if you’re working too. I’ve just found myself more and more often staying up later and later trying to read a book or write a paper, so naps are becoming just a tad more common than they used to be and generally are unplanned. They’re typically the ones where I wake up still holding a book open while clutching a highlighter or pencil.

Something similar happened to me and writing. I didn’t necessarily hate writing as a kid, but it was definitely not my favorite thing. I was far more interested in reading than actually writing.

I remember this science project I had to do in first grade. It was so hard for me then! I had to write two or three sentences about each planet (Note: Pluto was still a planet back then) and make a poster. My dad actually made a very precise poster showing the solar system, and I labored all day (or what seemed like all day) one Saturday writing in my best penmanship possible “Mercury is the first planet from the sun. It is very hot.” and so on. Oh, the tears…I wanted to go outside or watch a movie or anything else (except take a nap) rather than sit in front of my mom trying to write this stuff out.

Writing didn’t really become interesting to me until I reached the age where writing in a diary was deemed as “cool”. I discovered that I liked to write what I wanted to write much more than when I was assigned a theme in a class. I wasn’t rebellious necessarily, I just felt put in a box when told to write an essay and what format to use as well as what subject to write on.

Then the Blog movement came when I was in high school. By this time I was doing school at home and most of my really close friends lived a couple of states away.

Imagine this! We didn’t have Facebook. Sure maybe it was just coming into existence, but nobody was really on FB much yet. So, the majority of my friends set up blogs. They usually wrote about everyday stuff, listed events, told jokes, posted pictures, and so on. It was their way of keeping in touch. I remember begging my parents to let me get this web log thing! So, after about a year, they finally let me.

I was browsing late last night as I was too tired to work on a paper. I discovered that old blog again. My very first post ever in the world of blogging was very short and had no unity whatsoever. It was basically to the effect that I had had a good Sunday, John 3:16 is often taken out of context, I got to see a friend, I wonder what’s for supper. Not too impressive indeed…

Most of my friends quit blogging around 2007 or 2008 because everyone seemed to get a Facebook and blogging was cast to the side. I felt like I had been left behind at that point. No one much was blogging anymore. I felt like I was left in an old house going from room to room remembering people and their stories but only seeing what was left of the place they used to inhabit. I saw a lot of these blogs last night kind of chuckling to myself about the funny stories they wrote and how some of their lasts posts were even promises to post again soon.

I myself quit blogging for the most part after my freshman year. I didn’t see the point as I didn’t have the time, no one was really reading it, and I had reluctantly just gotten on Facebook as part of a “class requirement”. I really didn’t get back into it until I left for France and used it as an easy way to tell stories of my adventures to my family and friends back home.

Blogs at least among many of the people I know seemed to have become a thing of the past.


Within the last year or so, I have been so pleased to see what seems like a slow revival into the blogging world.

I have more and more of my friends setting up blogs again. These blogs seem to have more of a theme and focus now than did the ones we all had as teenagers. As teens, we often seemed to post about whatever came into our brains and very often without any ideas of structure as a sort of “this is what I’m writing how I want to write it” deal (I probably need to still do some work on my structure even now). The blogs now usually are political, religious, family, cooking, or college themed. Even my younger brother got one although I don’t think he’s been able to post very much lately due to a rather crazy semester.

I’ve had a crazy semester too, but I often blog more for a type of writing therapy on top of the fact that it’s just become something I like to do. Much like the napping business that’s becoming a type of “catch up on sleep” therapy. Though I still say I like writing far more than napping any day. Crazy? I think not!

Writing for me has often been the way I think through things. When I’ve had a really crazy stressing week much like this one, I like to think about being able to just sit down and write about something that happened during the week or just pick a topic and give my opinion on it. It’s not intended to be self-centered, it’s just a way of getting another idea out there.

I think this is why blogging is coming back into fashion again. People are discovering it as a more creative way to get their point across or just tell stories that might not otherwise get told.

So, why do you blog?


3 responses to “A Blog Revival

  1. I agree. Blogs are more intentional than they were in years gone by….
    I blog to tell stories, to write, to help keep the family filled in on our small doings, and because I enjoy it. There’s something about writing for an audience that old fashioned journaling just can’t encompass.

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