Another Cooking Adventure

Two weeks ago we had a Pi Delta Phi French Honor Society initiation/awards ceremony in the French department. A couple of other grad students and I had helped set the tables up and get things ready for it.

During the ceremony, the officers of the French club were recognized as well. The funny thing was that I had helped wrap several books and madeleine pans as prizes for various awards. When I was called up as treasurer of French club, I started laughing because I was handed one of the very pans I had wrapped by the professor who had asked me to help her wrap them. This particular professor who gave the pans is well-known for her madeleines and wanted us to have the capability to make madeleines for fundraisers and for ourselves. Only dear Dr. Wood would have had someone unknowingly wrap their own gift. 🙂

So, what are madeleines?

They’re little cakes from the Lorraine region of France from what my Google search tells me. They taste like little pieces of lemon pound cake. I enjoy them whenever Dr. Wood brings them.  And, yes, they’d be excellent for dipping in coffee. Although I don’t want you thinking that I only make recipes that make good “coffee dippers” as I detailed in a post previously. I really do make other stuff too…

Earlier this week I was thinking that I might want to try to make madeleines for church since I now have a pan for them. So, I asked Dr. Wood if she could give me her recipe for them. She happily obliged and I found the recipe placed in my TA mailbox a couple of days ago.

I was reading over the recipe and was first shocked by the number of eggs (9! 5 whole and 4 egg yolks) and then by another ingredient: brandy. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t drink period. It’s my own conviction and belief. So, I obviously don’t keep brandy around the apartment ever. I was thinking how transparent it would even seem to tell someone who might see brandy in my apartment : “Oh, yeah, it’s for cooking purposes only.” That’s pretty much like another version of “For medicinal purposes only”.

A friend of mine suggested perhaps seeing if there’s a way to get some sort of brandy extract or flavoring at the store, so yes, I may be making another trip to the spice section. 😉 Or, I’ve thought about just seeing if I could leave that ingredient out. Then, there’s always the other alternative: see what variations of the recipe are on, –yep, you guessed it– Pinterest!

I shall document my experimentation if it reaches the stage of experimentation with camera and notepad ready. Just be warned. Cooking around here usually ends up with a cranky hand mixer spraying flour all over the counter, myself, and the poor crock pot…


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