My New Addiction/Annoyance

A couple of months ago, I was visiting at a friend’s house when I was introduced to this new cause of distraction:

It is definitely as my brother calls it a “girl website”, but I do seem to find the most interesting ideas to “repin” on my small collection of “boards” on the website. Yes, most of the neat crafts and interesting ideas I find will probably never become a reality in my crazy life, but they’re fun to think about. 

I did find a recipe though that I was really wanting to try!

Yes, it’s spring break and I want to cook something fun! One of my favorite things to do is try a new recipe. So, I found this cool recipe for “Chai Spiced Sugar Cookies”. They sounded like really good “coffee dippin'” cookies, so naturally I was wanting to see how they would turn out. I was also excited because I had most of the ingredients except one–cardamom–a spice I frankly had never heard of.

So, I jumped in the car last night with little bro (though he’s really not so little) and went to the store to pick up a few things for supper last night. We were standing in the aisle with the spices scanning for cardamom. I was getting a little annoyed because I wasn’t finding it in the “cheap” spices area. Then, Jesse found it in the “not-so-cheap” spices area. I was about to go nuts when I saw the $8 price.

Then, I realized I was looking at the wrong price label and I was getting excited because I could maybe still afford it!!

That is until Jesse found the actual price tag….a whopping $12!

I was whimpering a little as I stood there staring at the price tag as if staring at it would make it change decimal points. Jesse thought it was funny. He was having so much fun picking up other spices and saying

“Stacey! Can you believe it!? This spice with just a few strands in it is nearly $20!!!” while looking at me through the glass of the bottle,”Oh, look at this one! It’s about as much! Wonder what they cook with this.”

I left the store cardamom-less and thought maybe I could find some other recipe to try. *sigh*

I was up this morning or rather this afternoon (I had a bit of a late start today) looking for other cookie recipes. I found another one I liked and found cardamom in it too. I grumbled and kept looking. Then, I found a yummy Chai tea recipe and you guessed it–cardamom! What’s so great about cardamom!?

Mother stopped by this morning to drop off a couple of things. I was getting scolded for absolutely leading her on about my rose story (Yes, I was given a rose yesterday) when I figured I would ask her about the spice. She taught me how to cook, so naturally you usually think the one who teaches you has superior knowledge in the area of spices and technique. She looked at me with a puzzled look and said she’d never heard of it but was shocked at how much it cost.

I shook my head and was thinking this spice is becoming quite an annoyance. Dad, the living cookie monster (believe me, he adores nearly any kind of cookie), then started making suggestions of different ones of his favorites that I could make. So, yes, I may just be settling for one of my usual recipes.

Pinterest, you are starting to become my annoyance really, but I’m too addicted to delete my account. What a love/hate relationship we have! 

Well, I’ll not give up yet. I’ll check around to see if I can find it cheaper elsewhere. I could always try the recipe without the cardamom, right?

This, my friends, is the happy beginning of spring break! 🙂 I truly do love an adventure even if it does involve trying to find a spice…


2 responses to “My New Addiction/Annoyance

    • Now, that’s an idea! I actually used nutmeg to substitute for the cardamom per a suggestion of one of my Facebook friends. I found out that the reason it’s so expensive is because it’s grown only in India. Pretty cool, right?

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