God’s Protection

This evening I had had an enjoyable time spending time with a friend. We watched Arsenic & Old Lace and a few Hogan’s Heroes episodes and had a nice visit. Afterwards, I came back to my apartment to get a movie I needed to return and to go get gas for going to church in the morning.

I pulled up to the gas station where I usually get gas and was feeling quite unsafe. I was opening the gas tank when I looked up and saw this creepy man going into the outdoor bathroom. He kind of gave me a creepy smile and went in. I was standing there kind of shocked while trying to punch in my zip code at the pump. The gas started pumping and my first thought was “Where’s my pepper spray?!” I took the pepper spray out of its pouch and was feeling quite afraid when I saw another creepy guy walking by. I stood there with the pepper spray for a couple of minutes hoping I wouldn’t have to use it.


The gas was done.

I heard the door of the bathroom open and close. I carefully looked around to see if he was gone. I didn’t see him. I turned around to take out the gas nozzle and a cop car was pulling out of the ally right by the station and flipped his lights on as he drove by. I quickly grabbed my receipt and got into the car. I was starting to pull out when I glanced over and saw the creepy guy who had gone into the bathroom leaning over the police car while a cop was talking to him. I then heard more sirens and two more police cars showed up at the gas station.

My reaction was that of thanking the Lord for protecting me. It really gave me a bit of a jolt. I know God places an innate sense in women to sense danger. I really should have just left and gone to another gas station because the same feeling I was feeling then was similar to one I had when I was in Venice, Italy. I’ve gotten so used to being in the States that I seem to have gotten out of practice to listening to that sense of danger that I heeded so carefully when I was abroad.

I’m back in my apartment safe and warm. I’m thanking the Lord for His protection and am ready to set my clocks back and do my devotions.

Please, any women out there who are reading this. Always heed that sense of danger. Don’t just hang around like I foolishly did to see if anything’s going to happen. Thankfully, nothing happened, but I can’t always count on a police car suddenly showing up out of nowhere.

And, yeah, I probably won’t be trying to get gas there at night anymore unless I have my tall protective younger brother with me:

Nuff said! I definitely love my brother and if there was anyone threatening me when he was around, his look would definitely not be quite so silly.


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