Some “pensing”

Penser = French for to think –> pensing = conjugated “pense” + “ing”–> franglais for “thinking”                                             
Right, I should probably take a break from the French books…
I was thinking just now about how much I don’t want to become a hypocrite in how I live my life.

You know, one of those people who claims to be a Christian but hides in the background afraid to take a stand. It’s easier to hide one’s light, but how much of an ingrat (French for ungrateful) can one be! I don’t want to live my life and not stand for the right cause, the cause of Christ.

“Lord, bless me to stand for something, lest I fall for anything!”

I know, it seems like a French/English rant for late at night when I am staring at my books and feeling too tired to work. But, I just feel that sometimes I get so involved in my studies that I put my life as a Christian on the back burner without really intending to.


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