What’s coming in the mail….

Yes, it may seem amusing, but let me explain…

During one of my late night “I need a serious break from this book or I’m going to scream” coffee breaks from working on homework , I decided to see if Joshua Harris the author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye had authored any other books here recently. Well, he only wrote the foreword on this one, but it looked like the perfect book for me in my ummm *ahem* situation in life. So, I found it on Abebooks and hit to submit the order.

What I have read about this book sounds really like it’s perfect for me to read. Essentially, it tries to give single young women the right view on their singleness that it’s not a burden, but it’s really a gift from God with a purpose. I know I’ve heard this phrase so much usually from married people who mean well but it, frankly, doesn’t always sound as encouraging as they mean it to be. I know it’s true though. It’s best to live life to its fullest as God directs rather than constantly wishing for that which he hasn’t provided yet.

I’m hoping I will profit from reading it during some of my “down time”.  🙂 I need some encouragement in this area. I’m hoping to read it and then if it’s really good pass it along to some of my friends who are in the same time of life as I am.


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