A Day Without Coffee–Believe it….or not!

Amazing isn’t it! I went pretty much a full day without coffee on August 12th! Not intentionally, I assure you! It was doctor’s orders because they have these guidelines about stuff like that before having surgery. Yes, I had the dreaded bottom wisdom teeth surgery. Not something I’d really want to go through again. I did start laughing when I saw that my young oral surgeon doctor was wearing a do-rag pattern hair cover thing or whatever it is that they wear in surgery over their heads (my operation room vocab is rather lacking obviously). I didn’t really know they even made those, but it actually kind of strangely fit his personality. :/ Then, after he checked me out to make sure I could have the surgery since I was getting over some allergy cold, he cheerfully said “See you in a few!!!” as the nurses were preparing to put me under. How nice of him… 😉 Glad it’s over!

My family kept joking that my no-coffee state would probably be hilarious to watch, but it just so happened that most of them didn’t get to see it. haha! Though really I was so out of it later that it didn’t really matter. It all went well though my attempts at communication were quite laughable afterwards. Mom was having to hold up her fingers and say “If you want applesauce, hold up one finger. If you want yogurt, hold up two fingers.”  My attempts at talking really sounded a lot like that old Bill Cosby routine about the dentist:

Well, I know my coffee addiction is about to reach its peak! Graduate school is starting this week!!!!!! *nervous laugh*

See you in a few!!!


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