Joy in Knowing!

I was doing dishes trying to make a dent in the large mountain of dishes last night at my job at Chick-fil-a. My job has been rather frustrating to some degree there lately, but I thankfully was asked to stay another hour to try to get some of the dishes done in order to give them a headstart on pre-closing. So, I was in the midst of putting up some lids when I was asked a question by one of the managers I like to chat with.

I’ve been trying to pray over the last few weeks that God would use me to be a light and for my life to magnify Him and not myself. But, even more lately after hearing a sermon in which the preacher exhorted to pray for God to show us His glory, I’ve been trying to add that to my desires in prayer.

Anyway, the manager who was cleaning off trays at the time turned to me and asked a question which at first I thought was going  to be something like where are you going to school or where else are you working. But, instead, he asked “Stacey, where are you going when you die?” I was a little surprised he was asking this question, but oh, the joy that filled me when I turned around and told him with a big smile that I was going to heaven! He looked at me contemplatively and said that he’d heard it was an amazing place with the streets paved with gold. Then, I added that there was no night there to which he replied a little laughingly, “So, how does one see there if that’s the case?” I responded that “The Son is the light. That’s the S-O-N, by the way.” He just smiled and went on cleaning. I was about to say more but another worker walked up to ask him where someone was.

It may seem like a rather simple encounter, but I felt that small as it may seem, God showed me just a small glimpse of His glory and filled me with His joy. I’ve been going through some little struggles lately, and it just put me in perspective of how awesome the God I serve is and that I need not fear while trusting in His love. To think! We’re His children and heaven is our home!!!! 🙂

In case you’re in need of a little “spiritual snacking” since, frankly, I often feel kind of spiritually hypoglycemic, you really ought to check out the sermons on these websites. I’ve been struggling with trying to be more heavenly minded and these sermons do seem to help. What’s nice is you can usually find one that has a topic similar to what you need to hear at the moment or about something you’re struggling with.

Thought I would just pass those along! What a blessing we have that we have websites like these! I hope you’re having a great week and that your joy may be full!


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