New Name, Same Writer

Okay, so the title of the blog changed.

My brain I think has at least halfway loaded, and I really must apologize for my silence of the last couple of months. As usual I’m usually so busy that well, although I will have those writing ideas that pop in my head as I’m drifting off to sleep, I just haven’t had a chance to sit down and type.

So, new title….

I’ve been contemplating to try to awaken my sleepy blog. Frankly, my last background of books (boring) combined with a heading of trees going off to nowhere (yet again boring) seemed to need some cheering up. I’m still working on the heading picture and probably will be making some other changes over the next couple of weeks.

My purpose….

My purpose hasn’t changed. I still intend to pass along tidbits of the day. Yes, my photography goal failed without a single photo, but I realized that the timing was wrong on top of the fact that I kept forgetting my camera. However, I feel that there are many stories waiting to tell and plenty of lessons to find in the daily life of the self-acclaimed coffee addict. 😉


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