Little Scribbles and Big Laughs

After having a very stressful and difficult week last week trying to teach, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect this week. So, I just started off the best I could and tried to take every piece of advice offered to me by my cooperating teacher. However, let’s just say I had an experience that I am still laughing about which pertains to the picture I posted.

I had prepared a lesson on Monday to review vocab with one of the classes. I was doing so when out of the corner of my eye I saw a student passing a note to another student. I went over and demanded the note from the student who very reluctantly gave it up. I didn’t look at the note and just went on teaching. As the students were working on something, I went to the podium to stick the note in my notebook and decided to open it and see what it was. I found the following picture which was supposed to be me along with another picture of a student and a picture of the cooperating teacher. Let’s just say that I was having to absolutely choke down laughter.  I really never realized I had a stick figure, ball feet, and wore a triangle skirt! haha! It’s actually rather accurate in caricature form, I suppose though.

I showed it to my cooperating teacher during our conference period and we both just died laughing. I’ve decided to keep it. I think I’ll just always keep it. We did talk to the class about it today and tried to keep straight faces but well, it was impossible. So, no, I don’t believe I will ever be forgetting that student and will probably be sure to keep it safe.

Little as that kid knew, I had really been feeling down about teaching at all. That picture absolutely made my day and well, maybe I actually do want to teach… Guess I’ll see how the Lord leads.

P.S. Yes, I know the student wrote “Mrs” but I’m still Miss. Just thought I’d clear that up. No, I have nothing to announce. heehee!


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