Trying to teach…

Well, over the last several weeks I have ventured out on a completely new trail, otherwise known as student teaching. It’s quite a challenge, I must say. I remembered back to those days as a little kid sitting frustrated in a desk glaring at a math problem thinking “Man, teachers have it so easy!” How little I knew…

I’m so far student teaching about four different classes and am teaching two or three about half of the time. I never thought about how hard it can be to present information that may seem simple to me in such a way that will be clear and easy to follow to a group of students. But, I believe it to be a good challenge even if it is difficult sometimes.

Each day seems so busy and crammed with so much to do. I find that by the end of the day when I finally walk into my apartment door, I feel exhaustion just hit me.  I guess I never realized how exhausting it would truly be.

Although I felt quite overwhelmed at first, I really am starting to enjoy it. I am enjoying learning my students’ names and getting to know them and how they learn. I’m starting to learn how to have more fun with them when I’m up teaching since I have the tendency to be very serious. Yeah, I know, me being serious sounds like a joke really. Since I truly love to laugh and tell funny stories usually. But, standing in front of a class of students trying to maintain order and trying to remember what exactly you were going to teach and in what order, makes for a very serious looking Stacey believe it or not.

There is so much for me to learn though. I have started since my first day trying to begin the day praying for my students. I have to admit that I don’t always remember to do so, but I am going to try to make more of an effort to do so. Many of the students probably don’t have a good home life or have more pressures and problems than most may realize. I being only a little student teacher who often makes mistakes and struggles to remember everything I need to when teaching, may not make that much of a difference, but at least I can pray and I can use the gifts God has given me to do what I can.

Besides, my Lord was and is a teacher!


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