And Then, An Answer Came

Last week, I began even more earnestly praying for an answer for my future. I prayed for the Lord to show me His path for my life whether to go or to stay. I knew that my life was coming to a fork in the road and I wasn’t sure what to do. I felt a need to know what to do while at the same time trying to wait on Him. Sometimes God seems to answer in a lightning bolt fashion, I found out.

I was offered and accepted a TA position for French in the graduate school at Tech. Yes, it does seem rather sudden. It was a rather quick offer. From what I understand the professor who offered it had just looked at my application nearly the day before he emailed me asking for an interview. It still seems rather unbelievable as I look on it now. I had fully expected to be moving out of state for graduate school, but one interview and one offer changed all of that.

I have to admit, I have a rather adventurous nature ever since my travels abroad, so I in some ways had wanted to move out of state in order to “broaden my horizons” so to speak. But, sometimes, God has a way of showing you that what you have right where you live may be worth more than any adventures in other places ever could offer.

The professor who emailed me talked very frankly with me in the interview. He was very gracious but very direct after asking my reasons for considering other schools as well as Tech. He had one TA position open, a position he had actually had to ask the chair of the department special permission to open. He wanted to make me the first offer but had to be clear that he had other applicants and that I needed to make a decision. He gave me the weekend to think it over. After doing some thinking, praying, and talking to my family, I accepted the offer.

I know that one person I talked to afterwards was very disappointed in my decision and thought I acted too quickly. But, when God gives you an answer and makes it clear that it is His answer, why continue to wait? There was no guarantee that anyone else would have made me an offer like Tech did. I feel at peace about my future.

Yes, the waiting for an answer was difficult but I think it is much as the hymn writer put it “Teach me the patience of unanswered prayer.”

The beauty of it is, that he answered mine in just the perfect timing and  the perfect way!


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