Books, books, and more books!

Yes, I do love books! I love so much to get caught up in the adventure of a story! But, at the moment unlike Belle’s dream come true, I am met with a formidable foe called “textbooks”.

Yes, those horrible devices used to make book dealers ever so rich at the expense of poor college students! That aside though, there’s the idea when you purchase these tools of  torture that you’re supposed to read them. I will admit, that on occasion they can be interesting, but instead I find myself downing a cup or two of coffee trying to get through all these case studies, research ideas, and endless teaching techniques.

Have to admit that I got a good laugh when a classmate pointed out a footnote in our classroom management textbook. I think the authors took political correctness to a whole new level:

To foster equality without being cumbersome, gender pronouns will be alternated by chapter. Chapter 1 will have female pronouns; Chapter 2, male; Chapter 3, female; and so forth.


The other disadvantage is that the prof usually expects you to remember something of what you’ve read. Right, duh! But, I was sitting in my late night class the other night when I realized that I had done the reading but couldn’t remember a thing about what the chapter was about because of my fatigue. Thankfully, the prof didn’t ask any direct questions. Oh, dear….

Please pray for us college students out there! I’ve only just begun my semester and am feeling quite overwhelmed.

The joy of the Lord is your strength. ~Nehemiah 8:10


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