The Future

So there is this thing called “The Future” that has constantly been on my mind! Nearly like a pop-up window that will not quit popping up no matter how many times I “click” the “X” button. My desire in life is to be open and willing to do whatever the Lord would have me do in my life. With this in mind I find myself reaching a crossroads in life without much of a clue of which way to go or what to do. So, I keep praying about it and put in His hands and try to keep pressing on, but within five hours or less I’m back to ruminating about it constantly. So, I have to repeat the process over and over again!

This brought back a memory of when I was in high school that I was reading an excerpt from The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. In this part that I read in the Abeka literature book, the demon was writing to his nephew about how to keep a Christian discontent because a Christians is more vulnerable to temptation if he is discontent. His number one way was to make a Christian constantly either worry about the past or about the future but never ever to let him become content with the present. Because he said that if you let a Christian become content with the present than you will have little effect on him.

So, this has also been going through my mind as I look ahead. Sometimes it is so easy to only think about what is to come instead of trusting the Lord to make known to us what His will is. I want so much to follow His will and it is like I feel Him telling me to Be Still and wait on Him which is so hard since I’m one of those “Let’s get it done!” people. I became impatient last year when I felt Him tell me the same thing and I failed miserably learning that lesson. It felt nearly as if the Lord took me behind the woodshed and then told me I was going to wait and learn this lesson regardless of what I wanted. So, Lord, here I am waiting and I’ll keep serving You even if I can’t understand.

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth. ~Psalm 46:10


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