Graduation Season!

I was busy at work last night with the creative juices flowing working on a project I’d been meaning to do for weeks. I will go into no further details at the moment other than that it had something to do with my little (although at 6 feet tall he isn’t so little anymore) brother graduating this weekend. I’m not sure if he might read this and I might spill the beans unknowingly, thus I keep my silence.

Anyway, it put me to thinking about graduation as well as after listening to the radio while running errands yesterday. The DJs were asking people to call in or write on their facebook page what the best advice was that they were given when they graduated from high school. Being in a bit of a mood for nostalgia, I started thinking back to three years ago today when I took my first step into this new chapter of my life.  I began remembering the various pieces of advice people gave me around the time I graduated and the summer following.

Probably one of the most memorable pieces of advice to me was when my pastor stood up at my little homeschool graduation and preached about how important it is to stay close to the Lord and keep the faith in this new beginning of my life.

I remember another preacher teaching us at a Bible study camp about how the devil will often show the bait but hide the hook when he is tempting us. As I was preparing to go to college as well as just before I took off to go to France for three months alone, my mom repeated the same phrase and added to it saying “Stacey, stay close to the Lord because even in the midst of temptation He will always provide a way of escape if you’re looking for one.” She also warned me that if I ever had a bad feeling about something to heed it and get away from whatever I was doing or planning to do. I found out how real and true her advice was while abroad.

I could keep going on and on about what advice people gave me, but I really want to think about what advice I want to give to one of my best friends and favorite people in the world, my little brother as he is beginning this new journey of his. Since we were little tykes we have always loved discussing and endlessly quoting movies and can nearly read each other’s minds, but I want to tell him something meaningful. I know the Lord will provide something when the time comes. I’m not sure what I would do if I didn’t have the Lord to put words in this feeble mouth of mine when something important needs to be said. I’m likely to babble on some rabbit trail, mispronounce  words, forget what language I’m speaking, or become incomprehensible, but the Lord always knows just how to use this little woman as He sees fit. What a comfort!

Congratulations to all the graduates!

Remember to always follow the Lord. The path following Him is the only true path to fulfillment and happiness!


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