FAQ of a Single College Gal

While taking a break from finals and working on a French essay revision thought I would share some thoughts…..really I’m just needing an excuse to speak in English for a while!

It seems that I often get some interesting questions from young and old alike in regards to being a college student who is still single and appears to be continuing to study. Some can get rather humorous, so thought I would share some of my both funny and strange questions.

Don’t most girls who go to college go wild and become rebellious?

I seem to get this question the most frequently, so will try to briefly give my usual response. It really depends on the person and what someone’s definition of “wild” is. If a person goes to college and later leaves the church and/or loses their morals, does that not reveal a flaw in their own character that did not become apparent until later? We all do stumble and fall into temptation, but the common denominator does not necessarily have to be from going to college. The common denominator is sin and one can stay at home or have a job and still fall into sin. My usual piece of advice for young people considering college is that they should only go if they feel that that is where the Lord is leading them because it can be dangerous if you go outside of His will.

Don’t homeschoolers only go to college to prove what they can do?

On the contrary, plenty of us go to college to further our education in hopes of later being able to support ourselves as well as continue studying something we’re interested in. I would say, however, that being homeschooled does provide some advantages and disadvantages in the college world.

Does going to college mean that you want a career and don’t want to be a homemaker?

Not in the slightest! I feel that going to college is a good preparation for if a husband does not appear for quite a while, and I will be in need of a way to support myself. I would love to be a homemaker. I hope that my college education will also aid me in homeschooling whatever children I may be blessed with at some point.

So, did you go to college only because you did not have anything else to do and have no husband?

Well, naturally, if I had gotten married before going to college, I would have not gone. However, I began my college studies because I felt the Lord leading me to pursue a college education in French. I also know that He will provide for me and that I will continue studying as long as He wills. I truly do love French!!!

There have been several other questions, but my main objective in writing this is to establish a point. I may be wrong, but I often feel that some people think that I went to college because I solely wanted to have a career and to prove myself. Yes, being in college has made me more independent, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. I know that I have the confidence to be able to support myself as long as  I need to. The added joy to all of this is that I’m doing what I love in studying French.

Basically, everyone’s path is different as well as their experiences in life. We cannot try to cram everyone into the same mold. We each have our gifts and our abilities and the Lord in His perfect way knows how to use us to best serve Him and serve others. May the Lord bless you today!

Quote of the day:

Thought I would share what one of our Founding Fathers said about education.

Religion is the solid basis of good morals; therefore education should teach the precepts of religion, and the duties of man toward God. ~Gouverneur Morris

Unfortunately, I don’t believe most schools or universities follow this quote or even know it exists. However, I try to keep it in mind as I continue learning. I’ve learned though that the more I learn, the more I realize that I don’t know.


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