A little Lunar looney!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve really been trying to maneuver through the loads of homework and other activities I am required to get through each semester as well as some other things that have been going on. However, even in the midst of all the craziness of my life here at college, I never seem to want for an adventure or for a reason to laugh.

For example, at the beginning of February I was assigned as part of my astronomy lab to take 14 observations of the moon in its various phases. Well, after finally finding the moon in the midst of fog, I did not see the moon again for about two weeks. I would go out every night looking and looking and doing some whining, but the moon would not show itself no matter how much I wanted it to. Of course, being female, I vent my frustrations to my family and friends to help me feel better. So, the night the moon finally decided to appear, my family called and several of my friends all happened to tell me somehow or other that the moon is out! So, each night I slip on some boots and go look at it with sky chart, flash light, and notebook in hand. Some nights go better than others. One night I was looking everywhere for it nearly giving up until I happened to glance directly overhead…uh, duh…. Oh, well,…. I can only imagine what the neighbors must think with me standing out in the middle of the street with pajama pants, huge t-shirt, coat, and rainboots on as I look upwards drawing. I wander if my lab TA would accept my idea of what the man in the moon looks like….

Favorite random quote of the week for you to ponder!

Have you ever noticed that people often trying to stay in touch are actually losing touch with the world around them?

Here’s an example to ponder as you are pondering this quote: People texting while crossing a street….


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