Celebrity Match up?

In the midst of all the hype on facebook to find your celebrity look-alike, I’ve been rather hesitant to conform. Thus, I decided to post as short of a post as I can upon the subject and my opinion on the subject by sharing a story from last semester.

I walked into my education class shivering one early morning about the third day of class last semester. I sat down in my usual spot (I’m one of those students who has a self-assigned seat in every single classroom) and was visiting with a girl I had just gotten to know briefly in the last class. In the middle of  my telling a funny story while waiting for class to start, a guy at the table in front of us swiveled his chair around and pointed at me. “You! I need to ask you a question!”  I had seen the guy on campus before and probably the only reason I remembered him was because he looked nearly exactly like an old friend from my homeschool math class, in fact, he nearly had the same name as my old friend with only one letter difference. Before I could ask the guy what he was talking about he stated the following:

“Do you realize you sound just exactly like Jodie Foster???? I mean, the first day of class, I wanted to turn around and ask for your autograph because you sound exactly like her. I love Jodie Foster! I could make money off of this! You have a phone number? I could record your voice and we could get you to say stuff,….Wow! You even look like her!”

First of all, being not very well versed in actress names, I had to stop and think who Jodie Foster was and then remembered she played in Anna and the King. I was giving him a funny look when the girls sitting around me started saying that they could see/hear what he was talking about. I was ready to close the subject, but he kept talking and laughing about his new discovery. The professor signaled that she was going to begin class, so I tried to not start laughing like I wanted to at this strange revelation. During class I had to get up to speak briefly and I saw the same guy leaning of the table asking the guy across from him, “Doesn’t she?” and the guy started nodding and smiling in agreement and saying “She does!”. It was rather weird but at least it gave me some amusememnt! I told other people this story and nearly every one of them have said that they agreed. So, I’ve been told I’m a Jodie Foster looking, sounding person, but I do not want to put her as my profile picture on FB.

I don’t see what it matters if I look or even sound like a celebrity. What I struggle enough with right now is just trying to keep my focus on the right place and not on my appearance. I am so prone to focus on what I want or what I am going to do rather than on serving Christ. So, for my celebrity match up, I’d personally rather not have one but if I were to have one, I’d want it to only be those traits of the Proverbs 31 woman. To me, Christ has given me the example I should follow, so I will try to follow it and not what Hollywood says is beautiful or acceptable.


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