I’m Back!

Well, hello, there!

I really must say that I’ve missed blogging. It’s one of the things I have always enjoyed to do, but seem to rarely find time to do so.

So, I’ve decided to change up my blog a little bit after talking to some friends. I seem to have multiple stories and adventures to share from just being a college student. More often then not, these stories have a lesson to them or at least a funny pun to give someone a reason to laugh, and I love nothing better than giving people a reason to laugh! After encouragement to write down some of my stories, I hope to share some of them on here as well as other things I happen upon.

Thus, my idea is to share the adventures of a Christian PB college student on the Quest to serve Christ as well as share many of the things I’ve learned. I still do not intend for this to become a “Me-centered” blog if I can help it. I just remember how much fun I had blogging adventures while I was abroad.

Which reminds me! Exactly one year ago I was embarking on my journey abroad! I can hardly believe it’s been a year!  I remember sitting there at the airport with tears running down my face as I looked at my parents and younger brother and knew I wouldn’t see them until the end of April. I wondered if I had made the biggest mistake in my life and why in the world I had wanted to go so bad to France. But, as you can read on my Journey Abroad blog, it ended up being one of the biggest adventures of my life. What a blessing! I’m still plotting to see how I can get back one of these days.

We have a snow day today. Don’t anyone ever tell me it does not snow in Texas! We’ve really had our share this winter. It’s been nice getting caught up on my loads of homework as well as gazing out the window watching the snowflakes drop from the sky. Yesterday was quite an adventure. I have an astronomy class a 8 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays and it was pouring down rain with strong gusts of wind as I was trying to catch a bus which entailed some running and waving. I felt quite damp when I arrived at the science building and was just a tad self-conscious about my echoing squeaking down the hallway to my classroom. It just sounded rather humorous to me since I’m one who hates having noisy shoes of any sort. When I came out from class, the rain had turned to freezing rain and random tree branches were falling which made me absolutely paranoid about trees for the rest of the day. Especially, after one fell not too far away from where I was walking.

Not owning a pair of rainboots and having soaking shoes, I walked into Barnes & Nobles to find some boots but all they had were thick Texas Tech socks. So I now own red and black socks double T socks which cost me much more than they’re worth. They’re interesting looking though as I examine by red and black foot. Believe me, rainboots are next on my list whenever this weather clears up!

When I walked outside after class, it was pouring down snow and becoming quite slick. Thankfully, classes were cancelled after my education class ended. Therefore, I was very productive yesterday and intend to finish my reading  homework from that boring adolescence textbook and turning in some online homework. Who knows! I might even do some housework! 🙂 I’m just thankful that the Lord kept me safe and helped me get home safely in all that snow and slush!

God bless you with a happy day!


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