School Daze…

As I sit here waiting for my frozen microwave dinner to heat, I’m rather stunned that I’m already in the midst of midterms. Seems like I just started school. Yet, here half the semester is already gone. My reaction?


This has been a very rough semester from the start. I’m having to take more credit hours than I’ve ever taken before in an effort to finish my coursework by next fall in order student teach that next spring. It’s been quite a challenge trying to juggle my five courses, one of which is a 5 credit hour course, but every single time I have asked the Lord for strength, He has graciously given it.

That was my problem most of the first few weeks of school. I was relying on my own strength! I’m a rather weak individual as it is, so I know I can’t make it without the Lord giving me strength to do so.

Today, especially, I asked for strength and a clear mind to write swiftly and well. My history professor, who I’ve come to dislike because of some of his philosophy regarding history, made a rather unreasonable task for an exam for us. We were asked to write three essays in fifty minutes. The only aids he gave us were an exam review with 13 questions on it with the advice to plan out how to write at least 10 of them because he would randomly choose six of the questions to be on our exam. 

I must admit to being quite annoyed and angered by this, especially when he made the statement that it was a reasonable task to do for an exam. So, after venting my anger for a while by talking to a friend about it, I began studying and studying and studying…. The big day was today and I feel like the Lord answered my prayers for strength and the ability to recall the information I’d studied. I finished my three essays with barely two minutes to spare and turned it in. I had no time to look it over, so I can only hope what I wrote made some sort of sense. I think it went all right over all though I felt like I was walking around with my eyes crossed for a while after the test. My life is never dull…..

Such experiences as these proves to me how real God is. I can’t imagine trying to survive college classes without Him. I’m living proof that as long as there are exams, there will be prayer in schools!

Now two more midterms to go…..

Now, where’s that liberal indoctrination manual they call my “textbook” that I’m supposed to study….


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