It’s that time of year again! Yes, the time where all of us college students go buy textbooks, dust off the backpack, and somehow get everything together for a new semester. We, of course, do all this with a smile on our face, right??? Wish I could say it was true in my case. I always dread all the preparation a new school year brings more because of just how tedious and busy it can sometimes be, especially when it comes to finding and buying textbooks. Ugh!! So, my usual way of doing it is to check out the bookstore prices online and then search around on a couple of other sites to see if I can find a cheaper price. Sometimes it works and I can find a better price, but not all the time. Since I couldn’t find some of my books I went ahead and reserved them online at a bookstore which seemed the simplest to me and usually is.

So, I walked into the bookstore yesterday and walked upstairs to the back to the reserved books desk and said I wanted to pick up my books. The lady behind the counter who was an older woman probably in her sixties looked quite tired and not entirely in the best mood. She handed me a notepad and told me to write my name and number. I stopped after writing my name down and asked what number she was referring to.  “Your order number.” I looked rather sheepish and said, “Umm…I don’t have my order number.”  She gave me a very irritated look and responded, “You don’t have your order number? Did you indeed reserve your books?” I told her that I had reserved them about a week ago and that I had already received a confirmation email. She just stood at the counter in silence looking at me with a very tired and unhappy look as if I’d violated some sort of code of conduct when it comes to buying textbooks. Yes, usually I am better about remembering to print off and bring online receipts and such, but I’d not even thought about bringing it this time. I was quite disconcerted at this point wondering if I’d have to leave to find a computer to find this precious order number. I was starting to feel quite annoyed as well. She continued to stare at me in silence and then slowly moved away from the counter and began looking through some papers while asking my name again. After a few seconds she gave me a look after looking through a few sheets and acted as if she really was not up to looking, and I was afraid she was going to tell me to leave without the textbooks that had already been charged to my credit card. About the time she was about to say something to that effect, one of the other girls working in the back cheerfully piped up and said that she could just look up my name in the database without a problem. The older lady didn’t say much and just kind of grunted and mumbled something. Within a couple of minutes they’d found my order number and had my books for me although one textbook was missing that just hadn’t come in yet. I felt somewhat sorry for the older woman since she looked quite exhausted and not at all happy with her job at that point. I couldn’t help but laugh later just thinking of that uncomfortable silence after I told her that I had indeed reserved my books but didn’t have my order number.  

School starts in a couple of days, and I’m not sure whether to really be excited or not. I’m looking forward to French class, but not so much to public speaking. I’m not one who enjoys getting up in front of people to speak. However, I’m not going to worry about it. The Lord will give me the strength and grace to get through it all. Besides, it’s going to take some grace to get through my first education class which looks to be quite liberal.

God bless all of you college students! May you have a good start to the semester and be able to learn those things necessary to be able to perform well in all of your classes. May He give you a clear mind to be able to study and the ability to recall those important things in order to take your exams!


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