A Healthy Dose of Insanity???

Insanity runs in my family, practically gallops actually.

Ever had one of those days where you feel like you’re going to lose your head, it’s so incredibly busy? What does “Doctor” Stacey prescribe???? A healthy dose of insanity, my dear Watson! Yes, you may argue that things are already insane, but that’s the insanely busy kind of insanity, not the truly insanely funny kind of insanity, my friend. Do you follow? You know, the kind of insanity that makes you laugh so hard you can hardly breathe. Or, just having fun telling silly joke after silly joke. Oh, my favorite is telling silly stories from everyday life. Like when I spilled my coffee all over a stack of documents this morning at work. My boss laughed because it looks like some strange abstract art piece. Some of the ink kind of ran together too, so that does kind of look…..abstract. Wonder if I’d get anywhere recreating it on canvas for a contest. I could then say that I made my fortune by spilling coffee……okay, that is going a little far….

Another words, LAUGH!!!! Be JOYFUL!!!! The quest of life is difficult enough with many trials and temptations, BUT that does not mean that we have to be only ever so melancholy and give off an air of just being solely a survivor and not a striver. Little disclaimer here: I’m not at all saying that there are not times when we need to be serious and meditative. There are those times and it is important to be serious. Yet, think of all the many areas in the Bible where it mentions to be joyful! 

So, even if it doesn’t involve too much insanity, learn to laugh at yourself and be a little “insane” now and then. It’s truly fun especially if you’re highly caffeinated. Oops! Maybe I shouldn’t have said that…..


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