Ah, don’t you love the light bulbs of life…….

That is if they come on and stay on when they’re supposed to! Nothing worse than being the person in a conversation that is completely lost about what everyone else is talking about. Or, having to be the one sitting in front of a blank  Word document with a blinking cursor trying to figure out how exactly to write that paper about that book you didn’t really care for in English Lit. These are times when a light bulb over one’s head could be rather handy.

Personally, I think God has a way of clicking our little light bulb switches off from time to time to make us stop in our tracks. Seriously, want to make God laugh? Start telling Him your plans. I did something to that effect more recently and He seemed to respond my clicking my little light bulb off and basically telling me to sit still much to my consternation. Do you know how hard it is to sit still? You keep wanting to reach up and click your little light bulb back on but it no longer works. He’s set up His own light bulb in its place reminding you to seek His will first.

I think the same goes for dreams in some ways. Dreams are important and good for us to have. BUT! They should never become our master. The best dreams are  those that are in accordance with the Lord. It’s amazing to me how He has given me dreams and then blessed them to come true….in His timing and in His way, not mine. Yet, how immense a blessing it was despite the waiting and wondering of how it would all work. I still have dreams that haven’t come true, but I’ll keep waiting and will see how or if He grants them.

Nothing wrong with dreaming or having ideas as long as we are careful what we do with them and how we react when He tells us to wait. Sometimes He even has something better in mind that would work better than anything we could imagine. His ways are so far above us as are His thoughts. 

Yet, there’s one light bulb we should be glad He has turned on for us and will never turn off. That is the understanding of what He has done for us. 🙂


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