Not Sure What to Title This….Scribblings?

The last few weeks I’ve puddered around on this blog trying to figure out what to write next. I have started a couple of ideas, but they seem to be in need of more work. I’ve also been rather pleasantly distracted with traveling lately and have just returned home in hopes of settling down a little before school starts. Well, if that is truly possible with having to hunt up textbooks and supplies and such.

I’ve felt this summer even with all its many blessings and dear times to have been going through a storm. I know I am not the only one because others have talked of being in one themselves. Yet, even in the heartache and questioning that one may face there’s always a hope and a promise to keep us going even when it seems so utterly discouraging and dark. That, my friend, is a comfort. The comfort of knowing that my Savior is touched with the feeling of my struggles and disappointments is indeed a great comfort!

What a blessing I’ve always found in sitting down with one of the dear elderly members of a church and hearing their stories of what trials they’ve gone through in their lives. To hear them tell with their lips how the Lord gave them strength for every trial and sorrow is quite a blessing to listen to. Sometimes just hearing some of their stories can help you see some of the areas where God’s hand has lead you even in as young a life as mine.

So, although I’m unsure of what to write next or even how to finish what I’ve started, I’ll keep trusting the Lord to lead and I will continue to follow with His help. For we all know that if it wasn’t for His amazing grace and mercy on us, none of us would ever have known what a blessing and joy it is being His child! We can always take comfort in that in spite of any trial or no matter how hard things get. God bless you all!


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