Continuing the Journey

After having returned from my journey abroad over a month ago, I had been debating on what to do with blogging now. After some thought and prayer, I have decided to start this blog in hopes of encouraging others in their life journeys. The problem I have found with the blog I had previously on blogger was that it seemed too self-centered. Though I do intend to share stories of what is going on in my life, I want to only do so with a point in mind.

I have named the blog “The Quest” because all of us are on a quest of some sort. The majority of those dear ones who will read this blog are on the same kind of quest I am on: the quest to follow Christ each and everyday. Each of us will have different bends in the road and different trials to be overcome, but we have the same goal. Yet, there are those out there who are on a quest searching to fill an empty void. Perhaps, if the Lord wills, one of us will help point them in the right direction. This blog is intended for those in that position too.

My intention for this blog is to above all glorify God and through His leading encourage others. I hope to post different thoughts, poems, stories, pictures or whatever I feel will be encouraging or thought provoking. It is becoming increasingly difficult in these times when we are all surrounded by so much discouragement and trouble to be able to just smile and realize that God is in control despite what is currently happening in this world. I am not at all saying we need to stick our heads in the sand and ignore it, but let it not discourage you or leave you feeling without hope, dear soul! “When Satan comes to tempt our minds, We’ll meet him with these blessed lines: Since Christ the Lord has won the field, We are determined not to yield!”

So, in fact, this is the continuing of a journey–the journey of life……


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